Hello and welcome to Whoosh!

There is not one story! There is not even one story of a given day of a given ride. We split up. We get lost. We have bad days and good days but not always on the same days as everyone else’s good or bad days.

Everyone experiences Whoosh differently - but perhaps this website will give you a glimpse of what Whoosh is all about.

2024: Tenby to Llandudno

Details of this years tour

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How did all this start?

Want to know how Whoosh started and what it's all about?

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Whoosh 24: Fundraising

Details of the project we are supporting this year with links to how you can donate too.

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About us

114 riders; 5200 miles; 1000s of cakes ....


18 years; 87 days; 27 YHAs; 13 ferries ....


£220,000 (and rising) raised for over 40 different good causes .....


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