Day Details Route Distance Climbing
Friday Tenby to Cardigan 55 miles 2995 ft of climbing
Saturday Cardigan to Aberystwyth - coast 50 miles 4482ft of climbing
Cardigan to Aberystwyth - Inland 67 miles 3622 ft of climbing
Sunday Aberystwyth to Harlech 55 miles 3537 ft of climbing
Monday Harlech to Llandudno 50 miles 2297 ft of climbing

2024 Charities

We are raising money for two charities.

Our local charity is CHIPS Peace who are peacemakers in Brixton.

CHIPS is a Christian organisation committed to reconciling communities and striving for peace. CHIPS people live and work in the heart of the communities they are serving, working for peace by talking to both sides of a dispute - but only ever where they have been invited. And CHIPS is always involved for the long-term, recognising that this work can be many years in the fulfilment. Your money will help support the ongoing work of the charity, focused on their Brixton and Ghana projects - and all money raised will go directly to the charity.

Our international charity is Amos Trust and specifically the Gaza Sunbirds.

Gaza Sunbirds are a para-cycling team who decided to divert their energies and efforts to providing community-led aid in Gaza during the current crisis. They source and distribute aid in their local communities, making a significant difference to the people there as they struggle to survive the horrors and deprivations of the war. The Amos Trust are a UK-registered charity who will collect and transfer all money raised to the Gaza Sunbirds. Your money will have a direct impact on individuals and families in Gaza as they experience these most traumatic of circumstances, with every penny being used for food parcels, hot meals and other essentials.

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