Ebony Horse Club

They make a brilliant contribution to giving local children wider opportunities which are normally closed to inner city families of limited means. The manager has said that after 10 years on the Loughborough estate site, they are planning their first building expansion by adding an extra railway arch this year for a youth and community space. This will give more youngsters access to the centre and to support from the youth work team. They hope to run sessions on life skills as well as the horse riding and any money we raise will help kick start this work. This gives a very tangible focus to our fundraising

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Afghan Aid

Given the crisis in Afghanistan, including impending famine, and given how much people across the country were moved by the terrible situation there, we thought this an urgent need to which we should respond.

We will set up JustGiving sites for each good cause. And in our best-case scenario, in April, we will have a face-toface meeting in the newly re-opened Cambria with someone from Ebony Horse Club, and possibly from Afghanaid, to find out more about how our fundraising will help.

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