Whoosh was born as a fundraising venture: the reason we first cycled across Wales in 2003 was to raise money to build a new hall for St Saviour’s School. And in subsequent years we have continued to raise a lot of money for a range of good causes.

The question we get asked most often is ‘how much money has Whoosh raised?’ I wish there was a simple and reliable answer. That would be neat wouldn’t it, but the truth is that we were not totally systematic over the years in recording all our fundraising results. However, we've done our best to unearth, and bring together, all the information I can from old spreadsheets, e-mails, letters, and our legacy charity websites. The results are in the table below.

YearRide/RouteTotal raised£ per riderCharity share
2003Cardiff to Holyhead£12,000£750St Saviour’s School £12,000
2004Derby to Berwick£5,000£278Mind £5,000
2005Bristol to Land’s End£6,749£324Kids Co £2,560; Christian Aid £1,787; StChristopher’s £1,344; Leukaemia Research £788
2006C2C2C£13,409£706Learning for Life £8,855; Pulmonary Hypertension Assoc £3,153; Red Cross £760; Kids Co £641
2007London to York£12,000£545Greenworks £9,000; Garden Africa £3,000
2008Glasgow to Inverness£17,465£794SCF (Burma) £11,946, MT Clinic £2,199; MCP Orphanage £1,170; Greenworks £1,250; Magnet School £900
2009London to St Davids£8,000£275Medical Aid for Palestine £3,500; Kinetica Blocko £1,500; St Saviour’s School £1,500; Greenworks £1,000; Oxfam £500
2010Bristol to Liverpool£9,200£341Siblings United £6,700; Christian Aid (Haiti) £2,500
2011Edinburgh to Skipton£18,000£600Latin Link for Broombush Nursery £18,000
2012Weymouth to London£5,239£134Fine Cell Work £2,290; Afghan Aid £2,249
2013Knock to Belfast£6,987£304Livity School £4,890; SCF (Syria) £2,097
2014Bridlington to Morecambe£6,487£166Willing and Abel £3,938; Southside YLA £1,477;Book Aid £1,072
2015Fishguard to King’s Lynn£9,335£275Wheels for Wellbeing £8,000; CODEP £1,335
2016Tralee to Killarny£14,150£613International Alert £14,150
2017Deal to Brancaster£13,520£288Citizen’s UK £11,020; St Saviour’s School £2,500
2018Lancaster to Ayr£19,089£616St Mungo’s £15,089; Practical Action £4,000
2019Taunton to Cleethorpes£14,133£428Redthread £10,578; Bees for Development £3,555
2020#stayathomeedition£18,000£450Brixton and Norwood Foodbank £17,000Computers for Tulse Hill £400

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